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Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Sell ​​Cheap Price Thermatic Fire Extinguisher

 Fire is a very unexpected disaster. The existence of fire becomes a dangerous enemy that must be controlled and controlled for its use, especially for high rise buildings. For this reason, it is necessary to have an effective fire extinguisher system and quickly stop the fire. Fire extinguisher there are many types and types, one of which is this APAR thermatic. APAR thermatic is designed as a fire extinguisher mounted on the roof or the top of a room or on the ceiling. The thermatic fire extinguisher has an automatic system that will open or break the valve when the temperature in the room reaches a certain point. This thermatic APAR has been widely applied to high rise buildings such as office buildings, hotels, apartments, factories and so on. Using a sprinkler that will spray water in all directions, this fire extinguisher product is highly recommended for various urgent needs.

PT. Tulip Tonata Indonesia provides a variety of models and sizes of APAR thermatic quality, with the most complete choice and the lowest price. Automatic fire extinguishing products are generally only available sizes that are not too large, so in one room usually uses several thermatic APAR units.
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