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ABC Dry Chemical Powder

Selling Dry Chemical Powder at Cheap Prices

 The use of APAR is common in Indonesia as a periodic lightweight fire extinguisher. An APAR is generally designed with different extinguishing media, one of which is this dry chemical powder. The use of chemicals as a fire extinguisher is very effective. Because dry chemical powder contains a lot of carbon dioxide (Co2) which can kill the fire quickly so that the fire does not enlarge. This type of chemical powder removes oxygen around the fire, so that the fire can be extinguished more quickly when compared to water.

The price of dry chemical powder is quite cheap, so the extinguisher can be refilled to be used again. We sell cheap dry chemical powder in Indonesia. As a distributor and supplier of cheap dry chemical powder in Indonesia, our products are recommended for the needs of fire extinguisher tubes. Have guaranteed quality and quality that can be relied upon for emergencies.
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