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 Fire extinguishers there are many kinds and varieties, one of which is APAR or also called a lightweight fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher needs to be stored and placed in a strategic place so that if there is a fire it can be immediately taken and used. In addition, if not being used APAR needs to be stored properly. Hydrant box or APAR box becomes a solution as a storage container APAR tube in a precise, safe and neat. This fire extinguisher should not be played carelessly, so it is recommended to use a hydrant box with a key.
Hydrant box is generally designed with glass on the front. It aims to look faster because of the transparent glass cover. In addition, the glass material in the hydrant box also aims to facilitate the taking of APAR if it is locked. The glass can be broken with various objects around it.

Hydrant box prices vary depending on the model and size. PT. Tulip Tonata Indonesia is experienced in the sale and fabrication of hydrant boxes with varying sizes, there are also custom sizes on request. Our products have been widely used for various building safety equipment needs. Having quality and guaranteed quality so that it can be used for a long service life.
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