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Red Powder Coating Box

Light fire extinguisher box is an object that resembles a crate that is sized according to APAR. The APAR Box is the 'element' of the APAR completeness that must be owned by you, the APAR owners. APAR boxes can usually be easily found near emergency exits in buildings such as hospitals, apartments and so on.

 Fire Extinguisher Box for Storing and Protecting Fire Extinguisher

As is well known, that the location of placement and how to store APAR has a considerable influence on APAR. For example, damp places will affect the media in APAR. What's more extreme temperatures in Indonesia, if exposed to extreme weather, then the media in APAR will be easily damaged before entering the expiration period.

In addition, if the APAR cylinder and components are exposed to continuous rain and heat without being protected, the APAR box will be damaged quickly. Therefore, the fire extinguisher must be protected, so that if it gets rained and exposed to the sun's heat, it will still be protected.
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