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Carbondioxide CO2 Fire Extinguisher

CO2 fire extinguisher is a lightweight fire extinguisher using a CO2 fire extinguisher containing carbon dioxide compounds. What are its uses, how to use it and what ingredients? Find out in the following article!

We often encounter fires around the environment. Therefore, usually in buildings such as hospitals, apartments, hotels, etc., APAR is always available. APAR (Light Fire Extinguisher) CO2 generally uses packaging in the form of fire extinguisher CO2.

Actually there are several types of materials used as APAR, such as CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), liquid gas or HCF-21 (Halon Free), super foam or foam liquid, and dry chemical powders, each of which APAR has its own function according to level the fire will be put out. However, this article will only discuss the points of the fire extinguisher CO2 only.

Basic Ingredients of CO2 fire extinguisher

In APAR (Light Fire Extinguisher) type CO2 which is packaged in a CO2 fire extinguisher, the main ingredient used is CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) which is a clean and effective chemical compound as a fire extinguisher.

The use of a fire extinguisher that uses a fire extinguisher CO2 extinguisher is more appropriate to extinguish the fire caused by flammable liquids, such as due to errors in electronic devices or power lines. For APAR, every year a refill must be carried out based on the Fire Service Standards.

For fire extinguishers with CO2 extinguisher tubes, this works by removing the oxygen compounds contained in the fire, with the aim that the fire stops burning the area that is burning.

CO2 APAR function

If it is said that the function of a fire extinguisher is to extinguish a fire, it is indeed true. However, based on the explanation above, each type of fire extinguisher has different functions according to the level of the fire to be extinguished.

The function of the fire extinguisher that uses a fire extinguisher CO2 is to extinguish the fire with a low level, a fire that burns with a large size can not be extinguished by using a fire extinguisher APAR CO2. The type of fire that can be extinguished using this tool is a fire with level B or level C.

Fires that are in class B and C are low level fires and are suitable for fires caused by electronics. While fires in level A and B are fires with fires made from materials such as wood, textiles, paper, coal, etc. so that they cannot be overcome by using a CO2 fire extinguisher.

Material from CO2 compounds is included as an environmentally friendly material, but it also does not cause residues. For safe storage, this tool is generally placed in a place that may be sensitive to contamination. For example in electronic space, such as computer servers, laboratories, and so on.
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