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Heavy Fire Extinguisher For ABC Powder Karbondioksida FOAM

Understanding Heavy Fire Extinguishers - APAB

APAB actually has the same working principles as APAR or Light Fire Extinguishers. But APAB is intended for a wider area (50m) than just a kitchen or a narrow environment. Because of its size APAR has a size starting from 1 kg - 9 kg while APAB has a size from 20 kg - 100 kg. With a weight more than APAR, APAB is able to extinguish fires large enough. In its use APAB should be carried out by two or more people.

The content or media of APAB consists of Foam AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) and Dry Chemical Powder. APAB is generally also used to extinguish forest fires. With a lot of contents, APAB is able to help put out the fires that cause forest fires without damaging the soil and leaving residues.
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